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Successful Launch of the Specific HDG Plant for Scaffolding of Huzhou Feijian

Release time:21-02-02 16:16:50

On March 4th, the specific HDG plant for scaffolding designed and built by RITMAN for Huzhou Feijian Tube Tower Manufacturing Company has completed the commissioning and officially put it into production. Thanks to all of our team members of Huzhou Feijian project for their efforts and contribution to the construction and delivery of this HDG plant.

This project is a specific HDG plant for scaffolding, which is designed, installed, and delivered in the existing workshop.

Kettle size: 6.5m(L)*2.2m(W)*3.5m(D)

Designed capacity: 300 MT / Day

This production line realizes the intelligent control and has an arrangement of end-in to end-out, which realizes an L-shaped rotation in a limited space, and greatly improves logistics efficiency and lays a solid foundation for increased productivity and safety.

The scope of the construction for this HDG plant consists of black steel loading area, pretreatment area, galvanizing area, post treatment area and environmental protection equipment area.

The smooth delivery of Huzhou Feijian project not only reflects the excellent technology research and development capabilities, manufacturing capabilities and project implementation capabilities of RITMAN, but also reflects the thoughtful training and service capabilities of RITMAN. While delivering the production line, RITMAN provides the training from all respects, including knowledge, operation and safety for the production line workers to ensure the smooth production of the HDG plant. 

The successful delivery of Huzhou Feijian project by RITMAN on schedule is inseparable from the dedication of all team members of RITMAN. RITMAN has always taken “green, informationized, intelligent, and worry-free hot-dip galvanizing production” as its mission, empowering the hot-dip galvanizing production line with intelligence, and helping enterprises quickly embark on the path of sustainable development.


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