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Communication in the early design process is the key to ensure a proper design.

Automation, digitalization and intelligentization are of the trend of sci-tech development. With a healthy and safe workplace for employees, the enterprise can focus on persistent improvement of their products and services based on customer orientation, in the meanwhile of taking the social responsibilities.

General Galvanizing Plant

Taking digitalization as core technology, the newly built HDG production line will be a fully closed loop HDG production line, which owns advanced, high efficient and world-first inventive production process arrangement, and the design of production line is optimized with the concept of reduction and recycling.


Automated and digitalized HDG production line


Inventive process layout

Higher production efficiency

Cleaner and safer working environment

Lower zinc consumption

Better product quality

Resource recycling

Less manpower needed

Fully Automated & Informationized HDG Centrifugal Plant for Standard Parts 

Feature 1: The galvanizing area of the production line is operated by robots, which is efficient, stable, and ensures quality while eliminating the unsafe factors of high-temperature operation.

Feature 2: With the online centrifugal technology, which completes zinc basket grabbing, centrifugal and direct excess zinc collection to reduce oxidation rate and quick reuse of excess zinc.

Feature 3: Movable galvanizing platform, which facilitates operations such as dross cleaning, site cleaning, and equipment maintenance while integrating a three-station turntable, centrifugal equipment, and galvanizing fume collection hood to achieve high efficiency and low consumption.

Feature 4: The production line achieves online completion of data collection of product information, location information, zinc consumption, and equipment operating parameters through the incorporation of information technology and digital technology, enabling the off-machine operation to ensure safety and minimize production costs.

Steel Pipe Galvanizing Production Line


1. The automatic hot-dip galvanizing line for  steel pipe realizes fully automatic pickling in the closed room, while ensuring the efficiency of pickling. It realizes automatic replacement of pickling slings to avoid bringing in flux liquid into the pickling tank, thus to achieve the purpose of using clean acid.

2. Optimised design of galvanising equipment, simpler operation, lower noise, higher stability and easier maintenance.

3. Automation and informationization of the whole system, which facilitates the control of production costs and the improvement of product quality.

4. A more rational production line layout based on the production process.

5. Reasonable production line equipment selection, energy saving and consumption reduction is more prominent.