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Our Value: Seriousness, Openness, Courage and Responsibility

Taking green, informatized, intelligentized and worry-free HDG production as our mission, and new value creation of HDG production as our design concept, Xuzhou RITMAN Equipment Co., Ltd. is dedicated to R&D, manufacturing and practice of new type eco-friendly and digitailized HDG production line and related equipment, as well as intelligent manufacturing of whole HDG plant.

Our products and services include: design, manufacturing and installation of eco-friendly and digitalized HDG production line and upgrade of traditional HDG production line; new type pulse bag filter, galvanizing fume collection hood, integrated treatment equipment for flux regeneration, pretreatment management system, automatic treatment equipment for rinsing water, and PFC production equipment.

Since the organization of summit forum of IZA in 2015 and 2017, we’re again privileged to take the responsibilities as the main sponsor to present the rising of China HDG industry to the world through IZA in 2019.

Looking ahead, RITMAN is devoted itself into digital applications, industrial IoT technology and demand-driven based innovative projects, to facilitate the improvement of industrial equipment automation and scene landing, offer values to the customer and construct an inclusive, harmonious and reciprocal ecosystem that gathers society, enterprises and employees. Meanwhile, we will increase resource investment on international market and expand cooperation; we will take constant efforts trying to make Technology Inclusion happen earlier in international market. We will not cease !