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We started with an eye to the commanding height of the industry: the intelligent manufacturing technology based on the big data of HDG industry

Batch hot dip galvanizing line(HDG)

Since steel is easy to rust or even completely damaged … Continue reading Batch hot dip galvanizing line(HDG)

Since steel is easy to rust or even completely damaged in air, water or soil, the annual loss of steel due to corrosion accounts for about 1/10 of the entire steel production. Therefore, some method is required to protect steel from corrosion. The batch hot-dip galvanizing production line is an intelligent and efficient production line for batch processing of steel.


Ritman intelligent batch hot-dip galvanizing production line consists of black parts pendant area, automatic pre-treatment area, automatic circulation galvanizing area, automatic cooling-passivation-discharging area, and hot-dip galvanizing environmental protection equipment area. The environmental protection equipment area includes automatic heating system for waste heat from flue gas, cooling water cooling system for high temperature cooling tower, special bag filter for hot-dip galvanizing flue gas, all-in-one machine for additives (the treated auxiliary waste liquid can be directly reused), and rinsing water It is composed of processing integrated machine, pump room + pipe gallery automatic control liquid level replenishment, secondary acid mist spray tower, and main control room.


The application scope of hot-dip galvanizing has also expanded correspondingly with the development of industry and agriculture. Therefore, hot-dip galvanized products are widely used in technology (such as chemical equipment, petroleum processing, marine exploration, metal structure, power transmission, shipbuilding, etc.), agriculture (such as sprinkler irrigation, greenhouse), construction (such as water and gas transmission, wire casing, scaffolding, Housing, etc.), bridges, transportation, etc., have been widely used in recent years. Because hot-dip galvanized products have the advantages of beautiful appearance, anti-corrosion, low cost, etc., their application scope is more and more extensive.


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Product features:

(This production line is a general galvanizing production line, suitable for large, medium and small materials to be galvanized)


1. The first end-in-side-out hot-dip galvanizing process layout solves the problems of low traditional linear production efficiency and end-in-end-out layout products that are prone to color difference defects.


2. Reduced process design and complete environmental protection plan.


3. An online digital control and management system for production process management and cost based on hot-dip galvanizing big data analysis.


4. The production line equipment is centralized, the floor area is small, and the L-shaped automatic circulation is realized in one workshop.


5. The logistics design is ingenious, which is conducive to the efficient and safe operation of logistics and lays the foundation for high production capacity.


6. The production line has a high degree of automation and informatization, which is conducive to production management needs such as production cost control, capacity tracking, and equipment maintenance.


7. The use of integrated and automated environmental protection equipment, while high-efficiency and low-consumption production, realizes smoke-free and acid-free workshops, and at the same time, solid waste production is reduced by more than 50% compared with traditional lines.





The production workshop adopts advanced logistics and transportation positioning system, end-in-side-out process layout, integrated modularized environmental protection equipment, through automatic detection and control technology, combined with the application of digitalization and information management system, and finally realizes the design concept.


Xuzhou Ritman Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. takes “green, informatized, intelligent, and worry-free hot-dip galvanizing production” as its mission, takes new value creation in hot-dip galvanizing production as its design concept, and focuses on new environmentally friendly digital hot-dip galvanizing production lines. And related equipment research and development, manufacturing and practice, committed to the intelligent manufacturing of the whole production line of hot-dip galvanizing.


After years of hot-dip galvanizing production practice and technical equipment research and development, the company has provided perfect solutions for the construction of environmentally friendly digital hot-dip galvanizing production lines and the automation transformation of traditional production lines.


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Case: Smart Scaffolding Hot-Dip Galvanizing Line

Production Line Layout: General Floor Plan


The length, width and depth of the zinc pot of this production line are: 5*2*3.2 meters (or 6*2.4*3.4), and L-shaped hot-dip galvanizing production line can be realized in one workshop; 8-10 hangings can be realized per hour It is mainly used for hot-dip galvanizing of small pieces of iron towers, connecting plates, tower feet, etc., with lower zinc consumption, gas consumption of 10 cubic meters/ton, power consumption of 10 kWh/ton, and the daily output of small pieces reaches 200 tons.


Composition of Production Line

1)  Raw parts loading area

Three spans for raw part loading area  with total 6 loading position were reserved to ensure 7-8 dips per hour.

Equipment includes lifts, automatic ground rail vehicle and overhead cranes.

2) Pre-treatment area

It Includes micro-negative pressure enclosure, process tanks, pump station for automatic regulation, aeration system for improving pickling quality, reductioin tank, rinsing tank and flux tank, automatic RGVs and constrol systems. The raw parts will go through various processes with the help of RGVs.

3) Secondary inspection area

The secondary inspection area composes of the inspection platform, inspection supports and commonly used treatment equipment. It is mainly used for secondary hanging, rack changing for galvanizing and inspection of pickling quality.

4) Galvanizing area

This area is used for hot-dip galvanizing and composes of furnace, galvanizing kettle, end-in to side-out type galvanizing hood and RGVs.

5) Cooling and deactivation area

This area is used for automatic cooling and deactivation of galvanized parts and composes of cooling tank and deactivation tank.

6) Unloading and trimming area

This area is used for trimming and packing of galvanized parts and composes of unloading lifts, trimming platform and trimming tools.

7) Environmental equipment area

This area composes of bag filter, scrubber, automatic treatment equipment for rinsing water, automatic treatment equipment for flux, integrated treatment equipment for degreasing water and waste acid treatment equipment for PFC.

All environmental equipment are of integration design, factory fabrication, modular installation and automatic operation, which equipment are all connected to the main control system for automatic control. By doing so, the environment requirements are fulfilled while minimizing the energy consumption.


Design Concept

1. End-in to side-out process arrangement

2. Logistics transportation positioning system

3. Having modular environmental protection equipment integrated

4. Automatic detection and control technology

5. Integrated application of digital and information management system

6. New design based on safe production


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Production line layout: black parts pendant and feeding area


The pretreatment closed room area is fully automatic, and can complete 12 pickling and plating processes per hour; and maintain a slight negative pressure of -5 to 0 Pa to ensure that the acid mist does not leak.


Production line layout: hot dip galvanizing area 1


The hot-dip galvanized area adopts side-in and end-out circulation mode, which can achieve 8-10 hangers/hour


Production line layout: hot dip galvanizing area 2

Production line layout: hot dip galvanizing area 3

Production line layout: post-processing area 1

Production line layout: post-processing area 2

Intelligent iron tower hot-dip galvanizing line


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List of hot-dip galvanizing equipment (entire hot-dip galvanizing intelligent production line):

1. Loading rail car

2. Feed pit

3. RGV trolley

4. Pre-treatment enclosure

5. Pickling tank

6. Abatement pool

7. Wash basin

8. Flux bath

9. Zinc fume collecting hood at the side and proximal end

10. Zinc Pot

11. Cooling Pool

12. Passivation pool

13. Bag filter

14. Acid mist spray tower

15. Auxiliary regeneration treatment integrated machine

16. Cooling water cooling system

17. Integrated rinse water treatment machine

18. Automatic heating system for flue gas preheating aids

19. High temperature cooling tower cooling system

20. Pump room pipe gallery (automatic liquid level control)

21. Main Control Room

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