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Sidelights of Dalishen Project by RITMAN

Release time:20-11-23 15:59:15

The Dalishen Project designed and built by RITMAN is under construction on schedule, despite the drop in temperature and the pattering winter rain. Currently, the furnace of this project is under commissioning, the construction of the pretreatment enclosure is about to be finished and the environmental protection equipment area has begun to take shape.

This automated, informationized and intelligenized HDG production line has an L-shaped arrangement and is designed, manufactured, installed and delivered based on the existing workshop with limited space.

Kettle size: 6.5m(L)*2.2m(W)*3.5m(D)

Designed capacity: 300 MT/D

The scope of the construction for this HDG plant consists of the black steel loading area, pretreatment area, galvanizing area, post-treatment area and environmental protection equipment area. After the delivery of this project, this production line will realize intelligent control, which will greatly improve production efficiency while reducing the manual operation intensity and the risk of safety.


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